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Electric Generator for Home Use, Blackout, and Emergency. Thing's a Beast.

Electric Generator for Home Use, Blackout, and Emergency. Thing's a Beast.

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Color: 240V/7200Wh


  • 【30% Tax Credit Could be Applied】You could apply for the Residential Clean Energy Credit for qualified solar electric property costs. Please check with your utility to verify eligibility & requirements for Residential Clean Energy Credit programs.
  • 【Large Capacity】Simple, sustainable, and affordable whole-home backup power solutions with an output power of up to 7200W and a whopping 21.6kWh capacity for security and comfort. Easily chain together two DELTA Pros using the Double Voltage Hub and plug in to your breaker panel via an transfer switch or power inlet box. You can run 99% of all home appliances, including high-wattage ones like a clothes dryer or electric heater.
  • 【X-Stream Fast Charging】Fully recharge a single DELTA Pro in 1.8 hrs with 240V outlets(3000W), 2.7 hrs with 1800W wall outlets or solar charged in 3.5-7 hours with 3*400W solar panels thanks to the industry-leading solar conversion efficiency of up to 23%. Ideal for juicing up the battery between short outages. EcoFlow’s X-Stream charging technology isn't just fast, it's safe too with the battery management system.
  • 【5 Ways to Charge】Pick from EV station charging, solar, wall outlets, using the Smart Outdoor Generator or via a car outlet. Faster than any other 3000 watt solar generator. Keep going for miles when your electric vehicle runs out of battery. Either at home or on the go, DELTA Pro will have you back on the road in no time.
  • 【Smart App Control】Use the EcoFlow app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Monitor the status of all your devices and power sources that are charging your portable power station. Check on charge level, temperature and charge/discharge times. Control from afar and customize all settings, such as battery life, input/output, and more. Break down your energy habits or customize your energy usage to fit your needs.
  • 【15 Versatile Outputs】A single DELTA Pro includes 15 outlets and ports: 5*AC outlets, 4*USB-A ports, 2*USB-C ports, 2*DC ports, 1*car power output and 1*Anderson port. Power all your devices such as cell phone, tablet, camera, radio, projector, night light, mini fan and so on.
  • Kindly note that each power stations and the accessories will be shipped in different packages.

model number: EFD500

Part Number: EF ECOFLOW

EAN: 0842783121769

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